Outdoor adventure
time: 2019 - 01 - 28

Over the mountains, unique adventure experience, experience the beauty of nature, and awaken the vitality of the lotus lake.

Extreme sports are the spiritual needs of human beings to explore nature and transcend themselves; they are an outdoor activity that enhances teamwork spirit, establishes a healthy lifestyle and leads the fashion culture trend.


Adventure Advanced Series

It is a set of progressive skills training that includes different types of outdoor exploration, activities, and survival skills.


Enterprise Custom Series

Provide one-stop team building and training experience for corporate customers, including 6 categories of training modules, including leadership, communication, decision-making, crisis management and conflict resolution. Ability and conflict resolution


Educational course series

Designed to help junior explorers improve their ability to innovate and learn teamwork, the course content will help them gain new skills from exploring challenges.



Free exploration course

Look forward to exploring a day of adventure with enthusiasts, travelers and family groups.

Course content includes jungle flying ropes, ground obstacles, hiking and more. An appointment must be submitted for this course.



Professional custom courses

Provide customized services according to customer needs, and work with a professional coaching team to open an exclusive trip for the company and the team.


24-hour exploration course


Participants are required to complete outdoor extreme challenges and field survival training within 24 hours. In the intensive training course experience, participants will face the most challenging outdoor environment and ecological test.

What are you waiting for to explore the experience, break through the bottom line, and challenge the outdoor limits?

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