time: 2019 - 01 - 28

Kayaking on the lake and feeling the passion of kayaking.

The “Brave Game” that combines speed and passion, strength and endurance, balance and water – the kayak will really come to everyone.


Kayaking is synonymous with green, physical exercise and closeness to nature.

Its beautiful lines and good stability will give you a wonderful experience;

Comfortable upholstered seats and ample space will make your legs comfortable.


Activity planning

1. Introducing kayaking knowledge, basic actions, precautions, etc. on land

2. Put on life jackets to let everyone learn the front paddles, back paddles, paddles, boats, boats, etc. in various team games, and feel the excitement and joy brought by kayaking.


[personal equipment]

1. Hole shoes or beach shoes;

2. Dry food (sausage, rice pudding, bread, fruit, beef jerky, etc.);

3. 1L drinking water (recommended with functional drinks and mineral water);

4. Replace the clothes with sunscreen (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen);

5. Waterproof bag (can protect your valuables such as mobile phones, wallets, cameras, etc.)