Flying rope
time: 2019 - 01 - 28

There is a movement called gliding, and there is a group of people called 'Hubaba.' Jungle elves, the messengers of the wind, the heart is boundless, and the scenery is boundless. Experience the gliding and relaxing leaping in Lotus Lake, and fly freely in the jungle like a flying fox


Our eco-altitude treetop zip line tour is suitable for people of all ages

The well-trained staff at Hubaba are happy to serve 4-65 year olds, but for safety reasons, the maximum weight limit is 120 kg.

Our well-trained coaches guarantee the safety of visitors.

From CE, UIAA EU-certified equipment, zip line equipment from the EU UIAA, CE-certified French famous brand PETZL, using the ZIP STOP high-altitude strop brake system, let you enjoy the jungle adventure in a safe and excellent environment.

This is an unforgettable eco-adventure tour, and you will gain a lot in your journey.

Hubaba is a mystery of Dujiangyan, from one tree to another, you will know later that there is not only food, beauty and history, but also adventure and heartbeat.

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