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Adventure, nature, ecology, environmental protection, wisdom
Story background

Beyond the distant solar system, there is a warm and flashing "Hubaba Planet Park", where there is an upright, brave, intelligent little prince who leads the planet's ecological creatures. He dares to explore and is full of energy. He is the admirable prince of the fox. There live a group of happy little foxes, who are willing to explore every day, busy caring for flowers and trees, and caring for every little fox around them.

One day, Hubaba unexpectedly saw from the diary of Grandpa's old fox, that in the 2 million light years, there is a planet shining in blue light - the earth. The diary describes that the earth has the most beautiful mountains and lakes in the universe, and has endless natural treasures.Hubaba that loves to explore is full of curiosity about the blue world. He wants to see the world with his own eyes. It’s just that they will never think of the difficulties they will face in their journey, and finally they will become legends in the galaxy! ~ Before the expedition, the group went through a few days of preparation and goodbye.Hubaba and his close friends -- Fox Meng Meng, Xiao Hu Zi, Hubaba. organized the Galaxy Expedition to go straight to the mysterious earth.

However, when the excited foxes and buddies landed on the earth, they saw that the beautiful earth was ruined! The earth was made dirty, the small fish in the water was sick, and the large forests turned yellow. Even the white clouds in the sky began to gray, leaving gray tears..... And the culprit of all this, It is the wrecked king hidden in the valley; the ruined king slid out from time to time, and when it was discovered by no one, it was irritating to destroy the environment with various bad ideas, affect the ecology, and gradually destroy all the beautiful ecology of the global village. The kind and brave fox Baba can't tolerate the destruction of the king's misconduct, so the fox and the team decided to stay on the earth and decide to defeat the wrecked king!

The team is responsible for the task, it is necessary to find the highest peak of the earth, ignite the "light of hope", with a beautiful blue light, in order to make the earth shine again in the universe. To this end, they organized the Hubaba Warrior Camp, determined to step by step to the earth to reach a beautiful peak again. Prince Hubaba played his leadership skills and arranged the task under the guidance of Dr. Fox.

Fox Baba clearly said: "The team listens well! We have to return to the former light for the earth, we must work hard to help the ecological environment, so that people return to smile, enjoy health, love to explore!" Then, Fox Baba arranged The mission of each group member was established by Fox Mengmeng to find a healthy and beautiful life. Xiaohuzi was responsible for leading and teaching thoughts and exploration and established the "Exploration Journey". Dr. Fox is responsible for the ecology. With the wisdom of life, the Jingjing Garden was established. All the group members will pass the spirit of "exploration, nature, environmental protection, courage, wisdom" to every corner of the earth, awaken all the creatures on the earth, and strive to continue fighting for the global village with the positive energy light after condensation... Let the earth continue to shine!

  • Hubaba team
  • Team leader

    Hubaba prince

    Organized the "Hubaba Warriors Camp"

  • 1、Humengmeng"Body and mind museum":Finding a healthy and beautiful life

    2、Xiaohuzi"Exploring tour":Lead and teach, think, explore

    3、Huboshi"Jingjing Garden":Ecology and the wisdom of life

Character image
  • Name:Hubaba

    Character:Optimistic, honest, leadership, adventurous, interested in novelty

    Introduction:Hubaba is the prince on the planet, honest and brave, likes to help others, is full of enthusiasm, hopes the world is better, looks for a beautiful environment, always likes to explore with friends.

  • Name:Humengmewng sister

    Character: Strong, loving, loving, and brother

    Introduction:Humengmeng is the sister of Hubaba. She grew up under the protection of her brother. She likes to spoil her family, fight for the weak, and is very caring. She is a housekeeper who is taking care of her family.

  • Name:Xiaohuzi brother

    Character: Loyal, steady, straightforward, adventurous

    Introduction:Xiaohuzi is as strong as a cow, and feels that the world is infinite, exploring the true thoughts and pursuing his ideal life.

  • Name:Dr. Hu teacher

    Character: Cautious and rigorous, pursuing knowledge

    Introduction:Dr. Hu is a multi-star, good at research, and the biggest dream is world peace. Knowing geography in the astronomy, always think of a solution at a critical moment.

  • Name:Little magic card

    Character: Lazy, evil, blackmail

    Introduction:Destroy the earth and the mountains and seas, create garbage that pollutes the environment, destroy the earth's environment, gather negative energy and become powerful to control the whole earth.


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