Planet concept
  • Safety Guaranteed
    Our equipment is designed and built according to ACCT standards. They can hold multiple tonnes of force and are regularly checked for signs of wear by our coaches.
  • GreaHubaba is great value for money. There are lots of packages include multiple projects as well as freewhole butler attentive service, that's our value.
  • Family Friendly
    Hubaba planet is an adventure for all the family.Minimum age for kids is 4 years old, maximum age for adults is 70. There are green school and campcurriculums, absolutely will bring you and your family an amazing journey.
  • Camp Education
    A major feature for Hubaba planet is our soft courses, we developed courses such as forest science, dynamic lifeline, hubabawooden housemaking, etc., are very popular for children. On Hubabplanet , our children not only have the courage to adventure, more harvest is knowledge.
  • Eco Friendly
    We take the advantages of the nature to build our Hubaba planet, the site is almost exactly as it did before construction began. The whole story of hubabais also about environmental protection. It is not only an indoctrination for our customers, our employees, and even local tourism.
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