Challenge yourself and enjoy the jungle adventure
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  • Health
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Welcome to the Hubaba Planet Park and experience a magical journey

Here is the most exciting adventure, with the most joyful knowledge inheritance

  • A
    Corporate formation
    • Hubaba Planet Park helps companies conduct CSR training
    • Jointly carry out various types of public welfare projects with enterprises
    • Conducting the Humbuba & National Geographic Environmental Sustainability
  • B
    Camp education
    • Scientific curriculum system,professional tutors with high-quality coaching team
    • Organic diet, professional dietitian with camp food plan
    • Advanced concept of foreign camps, with local characteristics
  • C
    Family parent
    • Hubaba Kids' great experience
    • challenge! Adventure! Go forward!
    • Unlimited joy, be friends with Hubaba Planet Park
Hubaba Introduction
Experience fun, excitement and joy! Hubaba is a leading brand of outdoor adventures. It is a travel IP brand integrating outdoor sports, tourism leisure, parent-child vacation and camping education.The symbolises of the fox which is adventurous, nimble, resourceful and clever animal. Hubaba Planet Park with outstanding service, fun and long lasting memories. Discover nature, enjoy the excitement of the forest adventure! Challenge yourself and get smarter ,stronger, healthier and braverl!
Hubaba concept introduction
  • Safety Guaranteed
    Our equipment is designed and built according to ACCT standards. They can hold multiple tonnes of force and are regularly checked for signs of wear by our coaches.
  • Great Value
    Hubaba is great value for money. There are lots of packages include multiple projects as well as freewhole butler attentive service, that's our value.
  • Family Friendly
    Hubaba planet is an adventure for all the family.Minimum age for kids is 4 years old, maximum age for adults is 70. There are green school and campcurriculums... ...
  • Camp Education
    A major feature for Hubaba planet is our soft courses, we developed courses such as forest science, dynamic lifeline, hubabawooden housemaking, etc., are very popular for ... ...
  • Eco Friendly
    We take the advantages of the nature to build our Hubaba planet, the site is almost exactly as it did before construction began. The whole story of hubabais also about environmental protection. It is not only an indoctrination for our customers... ...
Our coach
Coaches at Hubaba planet are trained professionals who specialize in activities high above.The only thing guests need to do are there to enjoy the experience, the coaches will do everything else. Every group will have a minimum of two coaches with them, even if there is only one guest. One coaches will send guests from one platform to his partner choach waiting at the next platform. Even if you need to be rescued from the middle of a zipline, our coaches make it fun. Coaches are partnered depending on experience, so guests will always have a senior choachwith them. These men are the beating heart of hubabaplanet , who make every experience special.
  • Ben Metcalf(British)

    For the past 6 years, appointed as the general manager of the British Chamber of Commerce in the South Western Region

    Founding member of the Chengdu Sustainable Working Group

    He plays a key role in establishing the Chengdu Education

    The love for outdoor lifestyle, sustainable ecological tourism,and strong sense of corporate social responsibility

  • Yue Lichen

    Outdoor cartoonist

    China Mountaineering Association professional qualification outdoor teacher

    China Mountaineering Association Mountain Rescue Lecturer International Field Medical Association First responder

    American LNT High Level Lecturer

  • Fu Tao

    Hubaba Manager

    Sichuan Red Cross First Aid Training Teacher

    China Mountaineering Association climbing instructor

    China Mountaineering Association Outdoor Instructor

  • Wang Shuang

    Sichuan Mountaineering Outdoor Sports Association Level 1 Rope Rescue Technical Training Course - Double Rope Technology

    PETZL double rope level rope rescue technology

    China Mountaineering Association Primary Mountain Rescue Technology

    KONG Lifeline Installation Training Technology

    Rescue Instructor Award Certificate

    Flight Instructor Award Certificate

    Red cross ambulanceman

    With 3 years of rope rescue experience, it has a certain rope technology foundation, has the ability to complete aerial work, has a strong sense of safety, and can conduct risk assessment of the surrounding environment.

Brand cooperation
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  • Sales hotline

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  • fax:(+86 21)6139 2338

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Zip code:200333

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